Friday, July 5, 2013


What busy and crazy weeks it has been here in Andhra Pradesh. We finished up our English camp. On reflection I'm not sure how much English the pre-schoolers actually learned, but they definitely were loved on. One of my favorites of the pre-schoolers was Evan- he loves to be picked up and thrown around and run and play. Whenever I would put him down an pick up another child he would say, "Aka, nenu! Aka, nenu!", which means, "Sister, me! Sister, me!" Then I would pick him up, flip him upside down, tickle him all over, and watch him curl up with giggles. Loved it!

One of the treats of each day of English camp was serving them  some American foods. The macaroni and cheese (Blue box of course!) was one of my favorites to watch them eat. Two of the schoolgirls just stared at their spoonfuls of cheesy noodles. We kept saying to try it and they looked doubtfully at us. Finally they tasted it, their eyes went wide, and they handed over their spoons for more and more! We also gave them Jello, which went over surprisingly well considering its jiggly and much much sweeter than the sweets they are used to having.

My computer has been having it's own little issues (I think it's protesting the heat), so I am not certain how often I'll actually be able to blog, but I'll do my best.

Now that English camp is over Haley and I have moved apartments and started doing adoption paperwork in the afternoon and helping the school girls with homework ("tuition") in the evenings. Most of our free time is in the morning, which lends itself nicely to reading and hopefully blogging once our internet gets set up (and my computer cooperates!). We are now living above the school girls and pre-schoolers so it's really convenient and fun living above them.

Hope everyone had an excellent 4th of July! It's been a few years since I was in the states to celebrate, but we had some fireworks and ice cream cones here to celebrate, which I found to be more than sufficient. I can't believe the trip is almost halfway over already. Traveling and moving around here takes up so much time that we spent several days getting to our newest apartment home here and are leaving it for America two weeks from today- craziness! I am really enjoying it here but must admit it is an exhausting lifestyle- everything just takes a little more work. I'm thankful to have Haley around and not be alone here! More updates to come hopefully. Keep praying for our safety and health (so far so good), as well as for purpose and productivity in showing these children love!

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  1. Thanks for the great update! The smiles on the children tell the whole story. So proud of you, Caroline. Blessings!