Thursday, June 27, 2013


For those who did not get my initial email of why I have this blog, some introductions may be in order. Here are some details:

Where I am: I am in Ongole, India with an organization called SCH, which takes in special needs children and places them in family style homes, meets their medical needs, and teaches them about the love of Christ.

Who I am with: I am in the company of five other lovely ladies from Knoxville, TN. Haley, the trip leader, served here as a foster mother for four months last year, and she is doing a great job showing us the ropes and taking us all around town to get what we need, where we need, and in touch with who we need. I am so blessed by the team that has assembled and can't wait to get to know them even better (though the 50 hours of travel time did a pretty good job of getting us all VERY acquainted with each other!)

What I am doing: The other ladies and I will be doing a two-day English camp with three different groups of students starting tomorrow. While the official language of India is English, the spoken language of the state is often Telugu, and so many of the children are not proficient English speakers, which poses problems if they ever leave the state or when they are adopted to the English-speaking countries like the US, as many of them are. Tomorrow we are working with the school-age girls on introductions, body parts, emotions, and a few other useful communication tools.

How to pray: Thank Him for this opportunity, for safe arrivals, for our wonderful apartment, and for the existence of SCH. Pray that our lessons would go smoothly, that we would remain safe and healthy, that we would be patient and loving with the children, and ultimately that God would work through us, despite our sinful nature, to show himself to these beautiful children.

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